Falling in Love with Salt & Fat

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Here at We Heart Sunnyside, we embrace all sorts of foods.  Sure we have different tastes and preferences, but we can agree that our hunger and curiosity for Sunnyside’s diverse restaurant scene is constant.  In this post, Meg and I explore the much acclaimed Salt & Fat restaurant, which we’ve never tried in earnest until now.

Situated centrally on Queens Blvd between 41st and 42nd street, Salt & Fat is a cinch to get to from the 7 Train. Its noticeable facade clearly communicates what you can find there – a savory, salty haven for fit for any discerning foodie.

Once you step inside, you’ll see that the space is long and narrow, but still on the small side – comfortably seating about 35-40 people, if that.  For this reason, it’s not uncommon to find it especially crowded during peak dining hours, so we suggest you get there super early to avoid the rush.  Meg and I arrived at 6 p.m., which was a wise choice and even though the restaurant just opened, we weren’t the only ones there.

But now…let’s get to the yummy stuff.  Here are Meg’s and my food highlights of the evening:

Yellowtail Tartare


Not only did this dish look like a piece of art, it tasted absolutely divine, combining fresh flavors of the sea from the yellowtail and juxtaposing it with something sharp and punchy from the spicy aioli you see above.  Not only did it look beautiful, once we combined it all together and devoured it, it formed the most beautiful mess.  - Judith

I loved the fresh flavor of the fish and mixing it up with all the elements—spicy, savory, creamy—was pretty awesome. The cassava chips were a nice touch, too, and I enjoyed eating the fish with that, since it added yet another texture, crunchy. The colors of this dish were also delightful. Overall is was my favorite dish of the evening. -Meg


Fuji Apple Salad


Resembling anything but a simple apple salad, this was once again a beautiful medley of intelligently composed ingredients such as baby arugula, salty Italian speck, candied walnuts, slices of prosciutto, thin crisp apples and a generous dose of finely crumbled goat cheese.  It was a living contradiction in the best way, as it was both earthy and natural but also rich and gluttonous. - Judith

Another fresh, wonderful dish. I loved how thinly sliced the apple were and they were a great base for the light as snow shaved goat cheese. It also had a delicious lemon-honey vinaigrette that was a perfect match with the apples. -Meg

Korean BBQ Wraps


These vibrant lettuce wraps were not only gorgeous to look at, they were a delight to eat, consisting of marinated hanger steak that had a nice char, pickled daikon, jalapeno and crunchy onions that added a pop of texture.  The butter lettuce was a perfect vessel for all of those tasty ingredients. – Judith

So crunchy and wonderful! That was my favorite part about them. The hanger steak was tasty, if a little challenging to eat; I would have liked the pieces to have been a bit smaller. But that is a minor, minor quibble. These wraps were freaking awesome! -Meg

Roasted Berkshire Pork Belly


Impressed by the way Salt & Fat pairs rich ingredients with earthy ones, this dish was a prime example of that.  The pork belly had a smoky flavor and a nicely charred exterior while the cannellini beans were buttery and a tad spicy from the kimchi ragu.  I also loved that the beans took on a bacony quality so even without eating the pork belly, you could detect its distinct flavor.  - Judith

This was probably my least favorite dish of the night, as it seemed much heavier and I was relishing how light the rest of the food was at a place called “Salt and Fat.” But, my saying that it was my least favorite is like saying “out of diamonds, sapphires, and rubies, the diamonds were my least favorite.” It was a richer dish, I think in part because of the combo of pork and beans—all very rich. Thank goodness for the pickled onions, which helped lighten things a bit. In fact, I would love to just have those pickled onions on their own sometime. -Meg

Our meal and the experience at large was a smashing success.  We appreciated the thoughtful service and the nice pacing of each dish that was served tapas style.  Make sure you’re joined by adventurous eaters, as all the dishes here surprise, delight and then some.

Salt & Fat - 41-16 Queens Blvd, Sunnyside.  718.433.3702

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