Venturo Now Serves Lunch

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We learned recently that Venturo had started up a lunch menu, so we headed over there and tried some things, and liked it quite a bit. The menu is very simple and straightforward—soup, sandwiches, pizza, a couple of baked goods for dessert, and some housemade sodas. Lunch prices range from $5 for the soup to $10 for whole pizzas or sandwiches. Here are some of the things we tried and how we liked them.

First off, we tasted two of their housemade sodas, Mint & Honey and Orange & Cranberry.


Mint and Honey soda


Orange and cranberry soda

I liked both of these sodas very much, which to me were obviously made with care. But I’m a sucker for the cranberry-orange combo, and had to exert much willpower not to suck it down all at once. The mint was also good, and I’d get that again, too. Basically, you can’t lose with either of these delicious sodas. -Meg


A nice view of the bar where our sodas were made.


White bean and escarole soup

I’m a sucker for white bean soup, and this one satisfied as expected, and then some. I loved how comforting it was, while making me feel like spring was around the corner. A big deal for me was that the beans were cooked perfectly—not undercooked and not mushy, but just right. I also liked how some of the greens still had a freshness to them and did not taste like they had been stewing for forever. -Meg

This was a home run soup! I love that it’s vegetarian, hearty, and not overly filling. The little bits of chewy croutons and salty cheese finish off the dish perfectly. A great choice for a light lunch dish. -Mackenzi


Spicy broccoli rabe, pesto, and ricotta on focaccia sandwich


The interior of the sandwich

I liked how this sandwich was full on with the broccoli rabe action; there was plenty there. It was nicely contrasted with ricotta and I liked how the focaccia was neither too much nor too little bread. I can see this as a real winner with vegetarians, too. -Meg

I waver between this, and the pizza below, being my favorite dishes. Pair a half a sandwich with the soup above and you have a really healthy, unique lunch. -Mackenzi


Potato, egg, and cheese with garlic mayo sandwich

Of the two sandwiches, I liked this one less. For me, the bread took over, and the richness of the egg and potato needed to be broken with something either spicy (maybe spicy mayo) or pickled (pickled peppers would be nice). It’s still very tasty, and serves as a pretty high quality egg and cheese sandwich. -Meg


Three cheese pizza

I liked this pizza quite a bit, which sports the cracker-thin crust you’ll find at Venturo’s sister restaurant, Vesta. This is a very simple pizza—it really is just three cheeses. No tomato sauce. It satisfies the need for fatty-carby-salty, but doesn’t sock you in the eye with it. Delicious! -Meg

This pizza is a knockout! I’m sure I had at least one slice too many, but I didn’t care- it was that good. I really appreciate that at lunch you can order the pizzas in two sizes, a nice departure from their dinner menu. -Mackenzi


Chocolate chip hazelnut cookie

This is an amazing cookie! It has some of the great cookie traits on a textural level, from a light, sandy, and almost shortbread mouthfeel on the outside edges, to a soft and chewy interior that had both chocolate and caramel notes to it, along with delicious toasted hazelnuts. I basically wanted to abscond with the rest of them on the counter, they were so good. -Meg


Glazed orange coffee cake

What a nice cake! I love the bundt shape, so visually I was happy, and the cake was light and moist as well. I could have used a bit more streusel and maybe a little bit more glaze, but this is a terrific cake on its own or with coffee. -Meg

This was my favorite of their dessert choices. A really lovely, light cake with seriously delicious streusel. I agree with Meg, more filling would have really made this cake next-level. -Mackenzi


If you have a chance to go out to lunch in Sunnyside, we heartily recommend checking out Venturo! The food is great, atmosphere is relaxed, and it’s a really nice place to hang out in.

Venturo, 44-07 Queens Boulevard, Sunnyside, NY 11104, (718) 406-9363,

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