Sunnyside Map Project Awards

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Last week, I attended an awards ceremony for the Sunnyside Map Project, a joint project by the Sunnyside Shines Business Improvement District, the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce and LaGuardia Community College. There were three winners, all students in the art department at LGCC: third place winner Miho Nozawa, a fine arts major; second place winner Adina Patroi, a fine arts major; and first place winner Carmen Zhu, a fine arts/design major.

Along with the winning artwork, the map will display a business directory and advertisements from local Sunnyside businesses. The winning map—which is beautiful—will be printed this summer and will be distributed at hotels in nearby LIC, local real estate offices and community events.

It was nice that there was time to chat with everyone who was there to attend the ceremony, and also have a very tasty breakfast.



The three winning maps, out of fourteen entries, are full of variety, most notably in the media used—the third place winner is a drawing, the second place winner an oil painting, and the first place winner a watercolor.

Here are the three finalist maps. First, is the third place winner—the map is a drawing and has certain places of note drawn in, such as Sunnyside Gardens Park, Queens Public Library, and even a little 7 train.


Next is the second place winner, which is an oil painting. Notice she has iterations of “welcome” in different languages dispersed around the map.


Finally, the first place winner, a watercolor. This is my favorite of the three—it really illustrates just how green Sunnyside is, and I love all the flowers and trees. Interestingly enough, the artist said this was her first time using watercolors. That blew away everyone in the room. Truly amazing!


There were a number of speakers—Swain Weiner, president of the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce; Hugo Fernandez, assistant professor of visual arts and photography at LaGuardia, just to mention a couple—and then the awards were given out. Here are the winners, who received some scholarship money with the award.




Right after the ceremony was over, someone expressed a desire to see this sort of thing happen in other neighborhoods… perhaps Astoria is next!

Congratulations to all the artists—both prize winners and those who entered!

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